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Two con artist brothers on the run in 1930s America must stay one step ahead of the law as they search for their father, a legendary flim-flam man who holds the secret to their future.


Historical drama involving the dramatic building of the US Transcontinental Railroad in the 1870s, and the Chinese immigrant workers who become caught up in the behind-the scenes politics as they struggle to survive in a harsh land with suspicious people.


As a quiet newspaper researcher with a perfect marriage struggles to find his missing wife, a dangerous new world unfolds before him when he discovers that his true love might actually be a lethal undercover government agent.


A self-centered Reno stage illusionist gets framed for the murder of an important politician, and goes on the run with a Native American shaman in a desperate struggle to prove his innocence.


Three friends on a bachelor party trip in Las Vegas get caught up with a shape-shifting demon that begins a deadly search to find and destroy them; only a desperate partnership with a mysterious hunter knowledgeable in the dark arts holds any chance to...


An insecure guy longing for self-assurance wishes on a mysterious amulet and creates a braver, hipper, better version of himself. The trouble is, the better guy is a separate guy… and he won’t go away. Half-Hour Sitcom Pilot.


A young, homeless street hustler is recruited to join a secretive LA private investigation firm that deals with supernatural cases, where he must learn to fully access an innate power that will help him and his fellow PIs face arcane forces threatening...


The only survivor of a workplace massacre, a meek accountant must discover his inner strengths to survive pursuit by multiple enemies in search of world-changing technology accidentally entrusted to him. Action/Comedy.


A drunk, suicidal cop decides not to kill himself until he kills all the bad guys he was supposed to testify against, not wanting them to go free; he enlists the aid of another suicidal man to help him. Dark Comedy/Action.


A female psychic who helps the police is snatched by a bunch of kidnappers, who want her to use her abilities to help them find a serial killer who killed their friend and took millions of dollars in ransom money from him. Low Budget Thriller.