Robyn Heller

Commercial: Avalon Artists Group

Theatrical: Global Talent Agency 818-843-8041

Robyn Heller, Actor

Midwestern delight Robyn Heller grew up in Indianapolis, IN, graduated from the University of Michigan and began her career at Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theatre. She works as an actor, writer, director, producer, and as a trainer for preeminent image consultant Sam Christensen. Some favorite roles include Stella in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, the Queen in world premiere children’s musical SUPER SIDEKICK, and a trash-talking cocktail waitress in acclaimed independent film THAT SIDE OF A SHADOW. As a stunt fighter with Sword Fights, Inc. Robyn has fought as a pirate, a vampire and an Amazon. Also a singer of Irish music, she’s performed on Irish National Radio. She most recently appeared on Travel Channel’s TRIP FLIP and is a proud member of Salty Shakespeare, specializing in flash mob Shakespeare.