A Series of Secret Hollywood Tips by Kathy Fischer

We’ve all heard the Hollywood mantra, “If you want to make it in this town, you have to
start at the bottom.” But, what most people don’t realize is that they’re talking about your

Tip # 1: To get your foot in the door of Hollywood, buy the best shoes you can.

An A-list producer tipped me off to this valuable career advice: “If you want to be taken
seriously in this business, you start by updating your footwear.”

It’s true. When you walk into a pitch meeting or any meet-and-greet, the first thing
executives look at are your shoes. Impressions are made. Judgements are cast. And
you become whatever your shoes say you are. So look down and tell me what your
footwear says about you. Right now, mine say that Rite Aid sells an excellent knock-off
of Tom’s brand slip-ons. But, if I have a meeting, you better believe I step it up. By the
way, this shoe rule applies to both men and women. I know a male writer who recently
got chewed out by his partner for donning “regular running sneakers” to a meeting
rather than “cool” street sneakers — Two straight guys fighting over footwear. This is
serious business, folks. So as silly as it might sound, it’s a Hollywood “thing.” And in
this competitive world of show biz, don’t let your tired treads stand in the way of getting
career traction. Do a good, long sole search. Then, go to your next meeting and put
your best footwear forward.

Check back for Tip # 2.

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