About ScriptWrights

We’re here because we’re storytellers. It’s amazing to have a place like ScriptWrights that can turn a lonely thing like writing into a group, community experience. And that’s what storytelling is about.

Scott Mullen
Writer/Story Analyst

When screenwriter Lydia Rawlings and actor/author John Rixey Moore created ScriptWrights in 2004, they intended for it to be different. “There’s so many places in Hollywood you can go to be told what’s wrong with what you’re trying to do. We wanted a place where a writer could feel free to experiment and in the process, get the feedback that would actually improve the effort and the output,” says Moore.

The result is a supportive community of writers and actors dedicated to the development of each other’s work. Both writers and actors are required to keep up standards of commitment and quality to remain in the group. Feedback sessions are moderated to maintain the spirit of true critique and collaboration.

How It Works

Each week four writers bring 10-25 pages of a work-in-progress. Actors are cast on the spot and the piece is read cold. A moderated feedback session follows each piece.

Once a month our actors read a complete screenplay or television pilot, written by one of our members. Refreshments are served and the reading is followed by a feedback session. Industry professionals are invited to attend and participate.

To be notified of upcoming ‘full reads’ or for further information about ScriptWrights, please contact us at info@scriptwrights.com

ScriptWrights does not accept unsolicited scripts, loglines or story ideas. Any unsolicited material will not be read. It will be deleted and/or destroyed.