Joe Czop LaBritz Recommends Eric Edson’s “The Story Solution”

The age-old, ongoing fight of screenwriters is how to bridge the cavernous gap across Act II.  Or perhaps you’re able to bridge the gap, but the bridge sags in too many places, wherein the interest of the reader sags, too.  Many books offer theories and techniques to overcome this huge hurdle, but there’s a recent one that offers real, practical solutions to reduce the canyon of Act II to simple, exciting steps on the suspension bridge across it.
“The Story Solution” offers a dynamic new book and concept by Eric Edson, an accomplished screenwriter for companies including Sony, Warner Bros., Disney, and Showtime, and Professor of Screenwriting and Director of Graduate Studies at California State University, Northridge, where I had the pleasure of studying with him.  His completely new approach reveals the 23 interlocking actions used in every successful screenplay to create 3-dimensional heroes and emotion filled plots. 
These 23 “Hero Goal Sequences” work for me because the hero fulfills mini-goals, only a few pages each, that keep him moving forward in the direction of his overall quest, thereby eliminating sags or lulls in Act II.  The Sequences keep my protagonist (and me) on track, active, and the story taut and interest-keeping. They also eliminate the writer being overwhelmed of how to get across the overall expanse of Act II, and creates a feeling of accomplishment step by step with the fulfillment of each much shorter goal.  All of these 23 HGSs help a writer create a dynamic story and fantastic Hero Growth Arc that will get your screenplay noticed by producers and studios alike.
This only scratches the surface of what Professor Edson offers in “The Story Solution” and I highly recommend his fresh, real, clear, and useable knowledge.  It will keep you excited as you move forward in writing your story.
Use this link to the book webpage which offers a free sample chapter and also a complete new free Hero Goal Sequences breakdown for “Back to the Future,”  There’s a Facebook page, too.
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