Structure – Who Needs It by Craig Sabin

The Writer is a stubborn creature. He has to be. Stubbornness is essential to the craft of writing.

Writers create new realities in the face of glaring evidence that no such realities exist. Somehow, they must spend hours of their day creating and exploring these new realities comprised of Death Stars and Avatars, Bonds, Bournes and McClanes. Yet their stubbornness can’t end with the creation. Having developed their precious new reality into a coherent whole, now they must protect it from people unfamiliar with it—we call these people “Writer’s Groups”.

See, there is a market for alternate realities, and it is rumored that a great new reality will make a Writer barrels of very real cash. But people must be able to engage with this new reality, despite merely a glancing familiarity. So the Writer must fastidiously and carefully build bridges to the new reality, so that people will be able to see and interact with it.

This is where Writers Groups, such as Scriptwrights, come in. Writers, though equally stubborn with their own creations, can see the inaccessibility of other writers’ realities, and suggest good places to build bridges—or at least point out where the bridges aren’t. (Writers, soused with their new realities, often see bridges where none exist.)

The bridges themselves are better known as Structure. Structure is a common language, both verbal and visual, that communicates across realities. Structure enables a Writer’s world to be seen and understood. Furthermore, discussions of Structure build bridges between Writers—a notoriously irascible and anti-social lot. Writer’s Groups would not be possible without them.

Writers need not fear Structure. It’s a tool in the Writer’s Black and Decker box, used solely at the Writer’s discretion, which creates the possibility of a multitude of bridges, enabling strangers with cash to leave a little something for the effort. If the bridges are sufficiently trafficked, and the interactions between realities resonant enough, it is even possible for the new reality to infect the old one, like a sweet virus, and re-boot our shared reality so that it includes things like Death Stars.

But a Writer typically resists Structure. Because Writers are stubborn.

Yes, they are.

Yes! They! Are! 

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