Shelli Wright

Shelli Wright,Writer

Born and raised a Jersey girl and Rutgers grad, Shelli spent 15 years as a copywriter/creative director for ad agencies before she discovered her love of screenwriting. She’s the creator and co-exec producer of ANEA, a pilot for PBS, and author of THE @#$! KAPINSKIS – a published novelization of the screenplay of the same name. Shelli has written on assignment for the US Air Force’s one-hour long, cultrual awareness narrative films. She’s placed as a finalist (or won) in several screenplay competitions including first place winner of the Hollywood Pitch Contest run by Julie Richardson, as well as Austin Film Festival, Scriptapalooza, Amazon Studios and others. She has written and produced several shorts including CHARITY, an industrial for Fox Sports, the web pilot for FALLEN AND FORGOTTEN, and a spec PSA for drunk driving. When she’s not hunched over her computer, you can find her playing beach volleyball. Shelli lives in LA with her two children.